Rago Fabrication Care Packages

Rago Fabrication has been supportive of my build since the day i bought the hidden bumper bracket and ditch brackets. throughout the months, i would be featured on their IG page, Email newsletters, and also on their website. we have established a great relationship and now i have this awesome opportunity to test out some new products. go check them out at https://www.ragofabrication.com/ and if you purchase anything… don’t forget to use “WIFEY” at checkout.
If you want to experience some great customer service, send them a message before you order.

The KChilites Flex dual LEDs paired with Rago’s Ditch brackets
2010-2018 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Ditch Light Brackets – Stainless Steel
Rago’s ladder accessory mount with waterport’s mount attached.
Ladder Accessory Mount – Stainless Steel
Ladder Accessory Step – Stainless Steel

Ladder 2
With Rotapax
Rago’s Modular Storage Panel. You will want the pair.
5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Modular Storage Panel System


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