Dash Cam provided by Black Box My Car

I partnered up with Black Box My Car. They equipped my 4runner with a Blackvue DR750S-2CH. Just in time for our Baja Trip as I don’t know what to expect of foreign roads. Thank you @blackboxmycar. https://www.blackboxmycar.com

Blackvue DR750S-2CH With Power Magic Pro Hardwire Kit 2-Channel 1080P Full HD Car DVR Recorder 16GB SD Card


Had a couple cars cut in front of me at the border


It’s also useful when out on the trails and something cool happens



update June 4, 2018:  Showcased my car at Toyotafest on Saturday.  I had my hatch open and was a little embarrassed of the wire on the rear hatch so I found a new mounting spot for it and tucked the wire.


Here’s a couple pictures of the front cam mounted.




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