4 day trip to Baja Mexico

A few of us have been talking about going to Baja for quite sometime. We knew nothing about traveling across the border so we just kept waiting for someone with experience to take us. After watching @trailrecon Baja Overland Expedition on YouTube and asking Brad for some tips, I felt more comfortable about traveling south. I mentioned it to the group and we made it happen.

Here is a quick recap photos taken by @drty_t4r (Gene)

Early Thursday morning, the meeting spot was at the border outlets. A few things to make sure you have with you… passport, Mexico car insurance, car registration, and some money. I only had $300 cash and exchanged half of it for pesos. We gassed up, had a little safety meeting and we were off. The first thing we were going to try to do after crossing was to get the tourist immigration card permit… but after crossing, it was a scramble and we couldn’t figure out where to go for that… if we needed it, we got lucky without it.

First stop was Ensenada for some tacos,

and then head to San Felipe for a quick stop for gas and food.

Original plan was to keep going to Punta Final to camp, but we ended up staying in San Felipe for the first night. Had dinner, more tacos… and found a camp spot.

Next morning, the plan was to stop at punta final to spend some time there and to continue on to Bahia De Los Angeles. On our way there, we had some recovery action that took a few hours,

so the stop at Punta final didn’t happen. We just continued towards our final destination. Bahia de Los Angeles was beautiful. I wish we could have stayed there the entire trip.

the next morning, we made our way back to San Felipe to celebrate Orlando’s bday. We had another recovery so our plans changed again.

Since that was another several hours down, we decided to take our time back to San Felipe, making stops along the way.

We made it to SF and had a Bday dinner with Orlando. Since it was already late, we didn’t want to set up camp for a few hours and have to pack up early to avoid the border crossing traffic the next day. we changed plans and headed for the border that night. Crossed the border just after midnight and made our way to ocotillo wells to camp the rest of the night. Next day we woke up, hit some trails and headed home.

Even with the down time, it was an awesome trip. Definitely need to do this again.

iPhone video edit


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