Air up or air down 2 tires at once

Before my current setup, I had put together a copy of Innovative JK Products air up system.  It was cool after my first few times out on the trail, but I got tired of untangling all the hoses and rolling them up when done.  So that’s how I ended up with The Wifey Air System  I still use half of that old system to air up some friends that do not have an air compressor.  So if you watch the video down below, I will put together the system from scratch.  Don’t expect to much from it as I am not explaining what I am doing.

Here is the parts list

uxcell 8mm(OD) x 5mm(ID) PU Air Tubing Pipe Hose 10 Meter Blue 10M

20 Pcs 1/4PT Male Thread to 8mm Pneumatic Push in Quick Joint Fittings

5 Pcs 8mm to 8mm 3 Ways Push in One Touch Tee Shaped Quick Fittings

2 Pack – EPAuto Closed Flow Straight Lock-On Air Chuck with Clip, for Tire Inflator

Milton 1193 1/4″ NPT Pressure Gauge

Kingston KMBVM Series Brass Mini Ball Valve, Lever, 1/4″ NPT Male x NPT Female

Foster 3 Series – Brass Plug, 1/4″ Body, 1/4″ NPT – Industrial Interchange, M Style, D Type, I/M, MIL Spec,


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