New Roofnest Sparrow

My old rooftop tent was nice but I was tired of dealing with the soft cover.  I sold it and was in the market for a new RTT and it had to be hardshell so I can leave it on.  I was sold on the iKamper but when I saw it in person, it’s pretty massive.  Its nice for the family but most of my trips are solo.  My 4runner is my daily so i wanted something low profile.  I went with The Roofnest Sparrow because of the specs.  48″ wide by 82″ long and 10.5″tall and weighing in at 120 lbs.  Its perfect for my solo trips, me and the wife, or me and the kids.  If we go on a family trip, I purchased the ARB awning with the awning room.  The kids can sleep up in the RTT and wifey and i in the awning room.  Check out how clean it looks mounted on the Prinsu Design Roof Rack.

Roofnest Roof Top Tent




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