Special delivery from Rago Fabrication

I finally got the Rago rock sliders…   and they delivered it personally to my door step.  These sliders are bare(raw metal).  I left them like that to show off the quality of the welds.  It actually looks super cool bare…. but in the next couple of weeks I will take them off, clean them up and rattle can paint them.  I prefer to do it that way because I plan to beat these up and I can always respray them to make them look fresh.  Check back later to see them when they are painted.  for more detail on the sliders, click the link below to be directed to Rago Fabrication’s website.




also got a few awesome things mounted.  The UNIVERSAL MODULAR STORAGE PANEL  This panel mounted perfectly to the ladder accessory mount and will hold my waterport most of the time.  If you look above the bumper on the left side, you will see the 4RUNNER CB ANTENNA MOUNT.   I’ll need to get a longer antenna for that.


Also got some new chase lights.  These are the the 2″ C-Series C2 LED Area flood lights.  These aren’t listed on Rago’s site but they got them.  Just send them a message to inquiry about these or any other lighting you don’t see on their website.


Thank you RAGO FABRICATION for the awesome products!!!


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