My dual battery system

The parts I am using

2 x Odyssey 34-PC1500T

REDARC BCDC1225D Dc-Dc Charger

Rago Fabrication Group 34 Battery Box

6 Gauge 6 AWG 20 Feet Black + 20 Feet Red Welding Battery Pure Copper Flexible Cable Wire

2 x Fuse holder

40 amp fuses

Ampper Military Spec Battery Terminal End, Top Post Battery Terminal Set

Battery Ring Terminal Connectors

Heat Shrink

techflex wire loom

these 2 items will be replaced soon
C4fab battery tray
odyseey battery hold down kit HK-PC1500
replacing with


Wifey attic storage shelf

My latest DIY is the wifey attic storage shelf. I just bought a shelf from Home Depot and cut it to fit from side panel to side panel. I mounted it using L brackets. I’ve seen some others do this DIY shortly after using a better shelf and making a bracket that mounted to the rear side hooks location since they did not have the side panels. Get creative with this DIY and tag me.

Click here for IG post Wifey attic shelf

For those that aren’t DIYers…. I sent this idea to Rago Fabrication and Mario designed an even better attic shelf.

Check it out

Wifey attic shelf by Rago Fabrication

And available now at

Wifey Attic shelf for 4runner

Special delivery from Rago Fabrication

I finally got the Rago rock sliders…   and they delivered it personally to my door step.  These sliders are bare(raw metal).  I left them like that to show off the quality of the welds.  It actually looks super cool bare…. but in the next couple of weeks I will take them off, clean them up and rattle can paint them.  I prefer to do it that way because I plan to beat these up and I can always respray them to make them look fresh.  Check back later to see them when they are painted.  for more detail on the sliders, click the link below to be directed to Rago Fabrication’s website.




also got a few awesome things mounted.  The UNIVERSAL MODULAR STORAGE PANEL  This panel mounted perfectly to the ladder accessory mount and will hold my waterport most of the time.  If you look above the bumper on the left side, you will see the 4RUNNER CB ANTENNA MOUNT.   I’ll need to get a longer antenna for that.


Also got some new chase lights.  These are the the 2″ C-Series C2 LED Area flood lights.  These aren’t listed on Rago’s site but they got them.  Just send them a message to inquiry about these or any other lighting you don’t see on their website.


Thank you RAGO FABRICATION for the awesome products!!!

Air up or air down 2 tires at once

Before my current setup, I had put together a copy of Innovative JK Products air up system.  It was cool after my first few times out on the trail, but I got tired of untangling all the hoses and rolling them up when done.  So that’s how I ended up with The Wifey Air System  I still use half of that old system to air up some friends that do not have an air compressor.  So if you watch the video down below, I will put together the system from scratch.  Don’t expect to much from it as I am not explaining what I am doing.

Here is the parts list

uxcell 8mm(OD) x 5mm(ID) PU Air Tubing Pipe Hose 10 Meter Blue 10M

20 Pcs 1/4PT Male Thread to 8mm Pneumatic Push in Quick Joint Fittings

5 Pcs 8mm to 8mm 3 Ways Push in One Touch Tee Shaped Quick Fittings

2 Pack – EPAuto Closed Flow Straight Lock-On Air Chuck with Clip, for Tire Inflator

Milton 1193 1/4″ NPT Pressure Gauge

Kingston KMBVM Series Brass Mini Ball Valve, Lever, 1/4″ NPT Male x NPT Female

Foster 3 Series – Brass Plug, 1/4″ Body, 1/4″ NPT – Industrial Interchange, M Style, D Type, I/M, MIL Spec,

The Get Lost Box Subsciption

Get Lost Box is a monthly subscription for Overland and camping gear. Each month, they put together a package of some really cool gear and comes in 3 levels. The Adventurer, The Explorer, and the Overlander. For the month of March, they sent me the Overlander box. I was really excited to open it and see what was inside.


go check them out at and subscribe

Portable Solar Generator Ammo Box

In addition to my dual battery setup in my 4runner, I wanted something that was portable so I can leave behind at a campsite for the family. So I took an ammo box, an extra Odyssey battery I had laying around, and purchased some other parts I needed from Amazon and built a Portable Solar Generator. If you plan to build one, please consult an electrician if you are not experienced.

Here’s my parts list
MTM Ammo Can
Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery
Cllena Dual USB Socket Charger 2.1A&2.1A + LED Voltmeter + 12V Power Outlet + ON-OFF Toggle Switch Four Functions Panel for Car Boat Marine RV Truck Camper Vehicles GPS Mobiles (Blue)
Nilight Inline Fuse Holder 14AWG Wiring Harness ATC / ATO 30AMP Blade Fuse
ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charger Controller Solar Panel
ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 100W 18V 12V Bendable Flexible
Electrical Wire 14 AWG 14 Gauge Silicone Wire Hook Up wire Cable 20 Feet [10 ft Black And 10 ft Red]
DTTUN 100 Pcs Wiring Connecting 16-14 Gauge Assorted Insulated Straight Wire Butt Electrical Crimp Terminal Connectors
Gardner Bender 20-104 2 16-14 Gauge Blue Ring Terminals, 22-Pack
Battery Tender 081-0069-6 Ring Terminal Harness with Black Fused 2-Pin Quick Disconnect Plug

Real life testing….
ARB fridge and Beats bill getting enough sun to power them up and charge the battery

Sun went down around 5:30pm… ARB Fridge now running on the battery

checking the voltage at 7:00am the next morning

checking again around 9:30am

solar panel plugged in